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ARG Agent Safety Agent Itinerary Form

This form is designed for your safety and security. Please leave the completed form with a colleague or friend, along with your showing itinerary information.

ARG Agent Safety Prospect ID Form

This form is designed for your safety and security, along with that of property owners and our agents.

ARG Realtor Safety Best Practices

Your safety comes first. The majority of people probably would not walk into a secluded house with a stranger. Real estate professionals do it every day.

Letter Template for the New Year

The start of a new year compels people to take a fresh look at their goals, so it makes perfect sense to set homeownership goals.

1 – Minute Video Talking Points- January

The fresh start of 2021 means you might be making some homeownership resolutions, whether you’re buying, selling, or staying put.

Real Estate Marketing Plan

What do you want to accomplish in the short- and long – term? Develop a vision statement to identify the goals you’d like to reach.

New Year Checklist of Tasks

Steps to help ypu implement your real estate marketing plan.

Re-engagement Email Letter Template

Recently, I’ve decided to rededicate myself to taking better care of the people I want to serve — like you!

3 Ways to Use Tech to Maintain Client Relationships

Integrate the latest tools and techniques into your daily routines to stay in touch with clients and ensure repeat business.

5 Steps to Finding Your Next Home

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, shopping for a new home can feel daunting. 

7 Ps of Listings

It can be argued that price is a function of marketing. If you don’t price an item correctly, then it does not matter how much marketing effort you put forth.

Email Template to Sphere of Influence

Subject: Where is real estate headed?

2020 Outlook: Real Estate Market Forecast

We’re in the midst of the longest economic expansion in U.S. history, and economists think there’s still room to grow. 

ARG Annual Content Planner

Plan out your whole year of advertising.

ARG Agent Action Plan

1. Publish RE Market Forecast Blog Post on your site
2. Add new leads to your database; Connect with them on social media

ARG Agent Safety Best Practices

22 Tips for Real Estate Agents, Your Safety Comes First. The majority of people probably would not walk into a secluded…


ARG Agent Itinerary Form

This form is designed for your safety and security. Please leave the completed form with the receptionist, along with your showing itinerary information.

ARG Prospect Identification Form

This form is designed for your safety and security, along with that of property owners and our agents.

ARG Video Marketing Stats

40% of prospective buyers find virtual video tours to be very useful.

Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those which do not…

Characteristics of Top Producing Realtors

“Becoming a top producer comes down to proactively prospecting about 7 hours a week, constantly learning, being emotionally resilient, and moving from great…

Characteristics of Top Producing Realtors, Continued...

Always Keep the Marketing Department Open. It’s the very rare real estate agent that consistently and proactively lead…

Client Welcome Kit

A full marketing slideshow for you to help illustrate your value as a listing agent.

DRE Advertising Guidelines

This Advertising Guidelines is a comprehensive collection of Frequently Asked Questions based on information gathered from the National Association of…

Guide To Suss Out Looky-loos

Here are eight signs that indicate you could be dealing with a “looky-loo”
1. Refusing to share information
No matter how nice and non-pushy the agent’s conversation is, the…

Holiday Marketing Tips

Ways to show your clients you care this holiday season
There are multiple ways both big and small you can show your clients appreciation. Here are a few quick ideas.

Instagram Hacks

Set up a business profile
First things first, you should separate personal social media accounts from
professional ones where you post a steady stream of real estate content.

Marketing Mix for Listings

The Perfect Listing Marketing Mix
Photography/ Staging- This sets the stage for everything you do in your marketing!
Single Property Website

Our Plan for Success

The goal of our online marketing strategy is to create demand among multiple qualified buyers, so they compete to buy your home.

Proper Use of Hashtags in Real Estate Marketing

Don’t Use Too Many Hashtags. Since hashtags are such a great way to reach your audience and expand your social media reach, you may be tempted to…

Realtor SEO

  1. Take Control of Your Name
  2. Create Community Pages with LOTS of Content

Real Estate Business Plan Guide for 2021

Do you have a business plan? In my experience, even historically successful multimillion dollar producers can flounder if the environment changes and they…

Retargeting & Remarketing

What is Retargeting, and how does it work?
Unlike typical banner ads, retargeting ads are a form of online targeting advertising and are…

Sale and Listing Sold Checklist

Here is a useful checklist for ensuring you have all of the docs necessary to complete your file.

The Pre-listing Packet

1. Testimonials
It’s important that the seller knows who you are and your resume of experience. More important than that is what others say about you.

Types of Insurance for Real Estate Investors and Landlords

Hazard and Fire Insurance for the Physical Property: Hazard and fire insurance is always needed.

Using Text Messaging to Get Your Next Deal

Hack #1: Leveraging the Contacts in Your Phone.
If you’re crazy-good at keeping in touch with everyone you know and asking the right…

Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

  1. Social Media
  2. Email

Waiver of Home Warranty

I hereby waive purchasing/offering a Home Warranty and in no form hold Alta Realty Group and/or its Agents responsible for problems and/or repairs

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