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    Technology | Innovation | Solutions

    ARG’s comprehensive platform offers agents the most advanced digital marketing and social media solutions.

    Our Competitive Advantage

    Market experience and knowledge has lead us to develop a seamless and modern brokerage that utilizes technology to lower barriers and costs.

    Our agents have the financial freedom and independence to enjoy and grow their career.

    • Best Flat Fee Structure 
      Industry Leading Commission Program
    • ARG Blueprint for Success 
      Agent Marketing & Growth Strategy
    • Training Platform
      Most Advanced Digital Marketing & Social Media Training
    • In House Marketing Team
      Branded Agents Videos, Social Media Content & Digital Flyers
    • Lead Generation
      We provide you a lead generation website, CRM & IDX
    • Go Paperless
      Paperless Management System
    • E/O Insurance
      Company Provided E/O Insurance included on every deal
    • Get Paid Easily
      Get Paid Directly from Escrow