We are the future of real estate

Our Mission

To streamline an antiquated real estate industry through technology, innovation and solutions.

About Us

Alta Realty Group was founded in 2015 on the principal that the real estate industry was antiquated and hadn’t kept pace with advancements in technology or customer trends and demands. The opportunity to create a niche, modern real estate firm was launched. Our core competencies, focused on technology, digital marketing and social media, based on an eco-friendly, streamlined platform. We are leading the way in advancing the real estate industry.

Our Objective

The objective of Alta Realty Group is to change and disrupt the way the real estate industry does business. Unlike the “traditional brokerages” ARG reduces costs by streamlining methods through the use of technology, paperless solutions and our industry leading digital marketing techniques. Our cost efficient structure allows us to give more money back to our agents, increasing their profits. This gives our agents a unique advantage in the marketplace, which will provide them the flexibility to work with their commissions, saving the consumer money.

 The traditional brokerage high cost structure minimizes an agents ability to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace; we will challenge this concept and grow market share as a result. We will inspire and empower our agents, ultimately giving them the ability to sell more real estate.

Social Responsibility

Our paperless solutions allows us to grow as an organization without negatively impacting the communities we serve. Both our marketing and training platforms gives our agents the ability to eliminate antiquated methods and learn to transition into energy efficient digital systems.

The positive influence that ARG is having will continue to push real estate to be a more conscientious industry. We believe it is vital to conduct our business in an ethical, socially responsible manner. These beliefs will create new opportunities within the communities we serve and push our systems to a new level of environmental awareness.