Powers Realty Group

“We’re happy to say that we found everything we were looking for with Alta Realty Group.”

“We made the change to Alta Realty Group about 6-weeks ago. Before making the move, we looked at several alternate Brokers. Many of these Brokers claimed to allow the agent to keep 100% of their commission, but when we did the research, we found that there were many hidden fees that took money out of our pocket and put it in the hands of the Broker. These Brokers also seemed to use a “cookie-cutter” approach to adding and working with agents.”

“Over the course of our career, we have been associated with two well-known Brokers; one large national franchise and one large local Orange County Broker. We had good experiences with both of these brokers, but felt the fees they charged were excessive, compared to what we got for our money. We paid over $35,000 in fees to the large franchise Broker during our first year and over $9,000 in fees to the large local OC Broker, while associated with them.”

“When we considered making a change, this time, we wanted to make sure that we found a Broker that: 1) charged reasonable fees, 2) could provide the marketing support we needed to grow our business and 3) would take the time to understand our business and how we wanted to grow our team.”

“We’re happy to say that we found everything we were looking for with Alta Realty Group. Their fee structure allows us to grow our business and keep most of the profits. Their marketing support has been better than any Broker we have worked with in the past and their management team has taken the time to get to know us and has always been very responsive to our requests for support. We could not be happier with the choice we made and plan to make Alta Realty Group our home as we grow our team and our business.”

Keith and Anda Powers
Powers Realty Group, Newport Beach Vacation Rental Specialists


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