lorissa bergamin vallejo realtor

Alta Realty Group is excited to welcome Lorissa Bergamin to the ARG Northern California Team!

Having been raised in San Lorenzo, Lorissa has established roots in the East Bay. She has been a licensed realtor for approximately 2 years and is very excited to grow her business and brand on ARG platform. Lorissa has a strong passion for music and being a musician, she has found her niche as a realtor. She has successfully been able to share her two passions, working directly with musicians and the music industry. She has branded herself as the “Rockin Real Estate” Agent in Solano County.

This focus on a specific niche has helped Lorissa build her sphere of influence around an industry that she understands and has been involved in for many years. This gives her the unique ability to continue to follow her own destiny. For more info about Lorissa Bergamin, click the link below.

Click here to learn more about Lorissa! 

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