William Fairbanks- Welcome to the ARG Team!

Having traveled much as a child due to his father’s career, Bill gained a vast understanding of people and various cultures by the age of 15. It was through many of these experiences that would mold and guide Bill’s professional endeavors and successes.

This chosen path took Bill all over the world building a successful women’s clothing line that was sold throughout Nordstrom’s as well as many other key retailers. Having negotiated over $100 million in closed business, Bill has the requisite knowledge and capabilities to represent the highly sophisticated seller, first-time home buyers, or international client throughout South Orange County.

It is Bill’s commitment and resume of building companies, sales organizations, and relationships that has served him as a springboard to succeed in real estate.

Alta Realty Group is proud to have William as part of our elite Southern California Team.

William Fairbanks Realtor visit his website here!

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