100 percent Commission Real Estate Brokers

100% Commission Real Estate Brokers- Alta Realty Group CA, Newport Beach, CA

Alta Realty Group CA is one of California’s premier 100 percent commission Real Estate Brokers. Founded in 2015 Alta Realty Group was formed on the basis of offering support and marketing training to Real Estate agents.

Alta wanted to create a brokerage that not only embraces new technologies, but also pushes the boundaries of what is possible in digital marketing with respect to real estate. 100 percent commission brokerages often have the stigma of just being virtual and non personal, however, Alta Realty Group offers its Realtors the best support in the industry, while offering the most competitive commission platform for the value of what is offered.

100 percent commission real estate brokers

Find out how you can get 100% of your real estate commission as a realtor with Alta Realty Group

For the amount of support and digital training we offer, there is no comparison when you look at what Alta Realty Group offers versus other 100% commission brokerages. Alta Realty is a new kind of real estate broker that truly believes in giving Realtors the best commission splits as well as the best training and support.

“At Alta Realty Group CA, we do weekly online training webinars every Wednesday. We cover topics everywhere from electronic document signing, to social media training, to email marketing, text message marketing and really any topic the Realtors need help with. The webinars are interactive and the agents are able to ask questions and get individual help.” Says Kevin Laugharn, Director of Marketing and Training. “Just the fact that there is a Director of Marketing and Training says a lot about the firm’s commitment to supporting the agents.”

100% commission real estate brokerage

100% Real Estate Brokerages- How do they do it?

Most 100 percent Real Estate Brokerages hide lots of fees into their offering so that by the time your done, your back to a 90-10 split! At Alta Realty Group, you can keep 100% of your commission by using our sister company Clear View Mortgage. Her is the breakdown of fees you can expect with Alta Realty Group. Our Gold Program agents pay a $99 monthly fee, and then pay a flat fee based on the sales price of the property. For a $450,000 real estate transaction, an agent will pay a $499 flat fee. On a $550,000 sale, the Alta Realty Group agent pays a flat fee of $599. The flat fee of the commission increase by $100 for every $100,000 increase in the property’s sales price. Alta Realty Group Agents that use Clear View Mortgage pay just a $75 processing fee, and they get to keep 100% of the rest of the commission.

Alta Realty Group Commission Q&A

Q) How does Alta Realty Group pay its commissions to real estate agents?

A) Alta Realty Group pays its agent commissions directly through escrow. As long as the agent’s file is complete on time, the escrow is paid directly to the agent at escrow. Alta Realty Group prefers not to collect and hold agent commissions. It is our philosophy that agents need to get paid as quickly as possible. They work hard to complete these Real Estate transactions and they need to get paid quickly!

Q) What support is offered with this 100 percent commission.

A) Alta Realty Group provides excellent one on one support for its agents. our training and Marketing staff are second to none when it comes to digital expertise and know how. Websites, social media assistance and training, digital listing presentations, flyers and brochures, complete automation of your marketing materials for your listings, text messaging marketing, email marketing and CRM conected to your website for easy lead capture, and weekly online interactive webinars.

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